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The cost of removing stains: 3 facts about toxic chemicals in laundry detergents

Can we imagine ourselves wearing a dull and stained shirt across? No way! A better and clean outfit makes a great first impression. For such striking clean attire, perfect laundry is required. We use a lot of laundry detergents to make our clothes stain-free and spotless. But are we doing all these at the stake of your health and environment disruption?

Read out the shocking facts about toxic chemicals in laundry detergents.

1.The optical brighteners, surfactants, and EDTA cause serious skin infuriation

A wide range of chemicals are utilized in laundry detergents for portioning different purposes. Few of which are: optical brighteners to provide brightness, EDTA to reduce mineral hardness, 1, 4-Dioxane for solvent property, and Phenol for surfactant elements. These can cause immense skin damage, and prolonged contact of these chemicals with the skin might even cause dermatitis ,second or third-degree burn.

2.Bleach and Benzisothiazolinone results in menacing lung afflictions to humans

Indeed, not just simple irritation or rashes, the significant concerns with other infections are bound to the usage. Toxic chemicals involved, such as Subtilisin, Benzisothiazolinone, and bleach result in lung irritation concerns.

3.Phosphates and EDTA mixed solution in drains form algae blooms that disrupt the ecosystem   

The phosphates and EDTA mixed in the detergents have long been associated with environmental damage. When the water solution mixed with detergent is flown through streams and waterways, it forms algae blooms that can damage the structure of the ecosystem resulting in disruption.

Try out the alternative solutions which can best clean your clothes for removing tough stains and do not even affect your health and environment. 

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