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5 Reasons Why One Should Use Organic Candles?

Candles, over the years, have gone beyond a mere instrument to eliminate darkness. With scented candles available in different shapes and sizes, its increasing presence when there is a need to create cozy and comfortable surroundings.

Just like a wide range of other products going eco-friendly, candles are no exception! Not only are they good for the planet but also you! How so? Let’s find out! 

1.No harmful chemicals

Conventional candles are developed using several chemicals like paraffin wax that contain pollutants and carcinogens. When lit, these might cause allergic reactions to those around it. Instead, customers can opt for candles that use eco-friendly bases like soy wax or beeswax. 

2.Wicks type is important

Metal wicks are potential sources of traces of lead and other harmful chemicals! Going for more benign options like cotton or wood will lead to a more pleasant experience! 

3.Value for money

Because organic candles are much more long-lasting than their inorganic counterparts, along with being easier to clean, they are clear winners when it comes to the value for money of a particular product! Also, their containers can be easily reused due to their ecological nature.


Organic candles infused with natural flavors, and scents impact mental health positively! Not only are they devoid of harmful chemicals, but they go a step further by providing positive effects of various kinds to the consumers. For example, the lemongrass flavor has shown the improvement of an individual’s mood. Citrus fragrances, in general, are often associated with improved work efficiency and decreasing fatigue.

5.Helping local businesses

One of the most wholesome advantages of going organic when shopping for candles is that in the process, you will be able to empower a local business!

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