5 Ways to Live Health Friendly life in a Compact Apartment

5 Ways to Live Health Friendly life in a Compact Apartment

As cities get increasingly populated, thanks to the boost in infrastructure and urbanization, real estate prices continue to grow. This has led to an increase in a single bedroom and studio apartments as search for affordable housing expands. While this phenomenon cannot be subsided, it is essential to adopt habits that ensure that despite the small size of residential space, those living in them are enjoying a healthy life in it. 

#1. Waterproofing

Water leakages, because of the growth of mold, can lead to the skin as well as respiratory ailments. Further, they can also contribute to physical injuries through slippery floors. Examining and taking corrective measures for water leakages must be done at regular intervals. 

#2. Natural Light

Access to natural lighting can avail several health benefits, most notably being an excellent source for Vitamin D. While selecting a compact housing space, one must look for this component actively. 

#3. Cross Ventilation Systems

Apartments with features like balconies and large windows that allow the flow of fresh air at all times must be preferred, as not having clean air can also lead to suffocation and other health ailments. Further, exhaust fans must also be added to drive out bad odor and fumes arising because of cooking.

#4. Pest Control checks

Timely interventions to carry out pest control operations in apartments are necessary to avoid contact with bugs. Further, even when these tests are not carried out, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene can go a long way in controlling pests. 

#5. Switching to organic alternatives and eco-friendly lifestyles

Whether it is identifying paints with less volatile organic compounds or using LED lights or having a designated waste disposal system that encourages reducing, reusing and recycling waste, all of these can yield significant results when it comes to developing healthy living conditions.

While it is challenging to avoid compact living, what is readily achievable is living a healthy life in those if specific measures are carried out routinely, and factors are kept in when selecting a premise. 

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