Kitchen Cleaners


Kitchens are where memories are HomeMade!

And Kitchens need to be the safest part of our homes with no place for toxins. This kitchen Trio is all that you need to keep your kitchen sparking and safe! Your Veggies, Dishes, Counter and Appliances we have it all covered…

Purecult dishwasher tabletsPurecult dishwasher tablets
Sold out

Dishwasher Tablets

Rs. 1,199.00(Inclusive of all taxes.)
dishwashing liquid cleaner with orange and lemondishwashing liquid cleaner with orange and lemon

Dishwashing Liquid With Sweet Orange & Lemon Essential Oil

From Rs. 349.00(Inclusive of all taxes.)
Available Sizes: Refill Pouch (750 ml) 5 Ltr Can Bottle (500 ml)

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