Face mask

How to make a safe & natural face mask at home

Why do we require a face mask?

Face masks now play an essential role in avoiding any confrontation with the virus. Mouth and nasal cavity are the major transport channels for the coronavirus. And face masks not only prevent the entry of the virus but also act as an air purifier to your tract.

Ways to prepare a simple homemade mask

All you require is a clean and pure cotton fabric which is smooth enough to caress your skin. Follow these simple steps to make a natural face mask in no time.

Step 1: Measure the length you need and ensure it covers your face from cheek to cheek. The width has to be adjusted in a manner that your nose, mouth, and chin areas are to be covered. 

Step 2: Once you establish the dimensions, cut the fabric with an inch more on each side, which would allow you to form firm endings. Prepare two layers with the same dimensions.

Step 3: Fold the extra cloth on the edges and sew them together, according to the perfect measurements. 

Step 4: To pull the mask against, you can pick long elastic or fabric pieces and attach them at the corners. 

Firm threads would also serve perfectly if their thickness is good enough to hold the mask and ensure the grip.

Alternatives that can be established

In case there is no cotton fabric available, you can always use a clean, smooth T-shirt. The deeper end of the shirt can be used for the same. The elastic fabric of the t-shirt would also conveniently serve as the handlers. All you require is a tape to measure and scissors to do your job!

Precautions and Measures

  • Since sterilization is all important for this reusable mask. The mask has to be washed thoroughly with hot water and a disinfectant. A few drops of Dettol will ease off all the germs!
  • Dry the mask in direct sun for about an hour to ensure the heat, which no virus can stand.
  • We understand disinfectant is not something you would love to smell all day long, drops of eucalyptus or lavender essential oils can be added. These would ensure you fresh breath as well as the sweet aroma. 

Note: Multiple usages of the mask without disinfecting is strictly prohibited as the virus can spare a chance to stand alone. Also, if the fabric chosen is fragile, you can prepare three layers based upon your convenience.

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