The magic of vinegar: make these 5 natural cleaners at home

The magic of vinegar: make these 5 natural cleaners at home

The story of wine birth is long said. The ripened grapes, when undisturbed for years, have given birth to wine. But, we do not know that the same story has also discovered vinegar, the king of natural cleaning agents. 

Although the tale about vinegar origin is unknown, the footprints of its usage in cleaning over the years are marked well. Vinegar has strong therapeutic properties, and it is marked as a magical liquid. It can be used for both medicinal purposes as well as disinfecting purposes.

You can have a safe and clean home free from chemicals with the best homestyle cleaners prepared from the vinegar. Check out these 5 natural cleaners with vinegar for effortless and chemical-free cleaning. 

#1. Add distilled vinegar either at bottom of dishwasher or to detergent for sparkling clean dishes

Many households use a dishwasher for cleaning dishes. You can place 1 - 2 cups of white distilled vinegar at the bottom of the washer.  And repeat the general cycles of cleaning to observe the change.
In case of a general overall dishwashing ordeal, sprinkle the distilled vinegar on the dishwasher soap. Vinegar added with soap lessens the chemical effect, and double cleans your dishes. 

#2. Use a distilled white vinegar solution to clean your coffeemaker & microwave

Automatic coffee brewers and microwaves have dissolved minerals and oily buildups. Cleaning them with water is risky, and reaching out to such tiny parts is difficult. In such a scenario, Vinegar does its magic!

In coffee makers, add vinegar in the reservoir and run a cycle of brewing. This method clears and disinfects the whole machine. And in a microwave, add ¼ cup of vinegar with one cup of water and turn the machine on. Continue boiling till the foam is formed on the glass.

Both the sensitive machines can be cleaned with a clean wet cloth to remove the vinegar sediments and dirt. (You can use water as well to wash it off, but machine standards are to be considered)

#3. Get rid of weeds in your yard by using the vinegar solution

Are you fiddling among different disinfectants to clear your yard from weeds? That might harm the other lovable plants of yours and let your soil lose its strength. Use the natural biodegradable disinfectant, which can kill unwanted vegetation in no time.

Surge the abundant amount of vinegar on the displeasing plants. Then remove and clean your yard the next day with all the plants rooted above already!

#4. Mix white vinegar with salt to scrub away tough stains from brass utensils

Brass is an ancient metal that adds a vintage look to your home. Yet, its highly corrosive nature results in hard black marks that perish its look. White vinegar solution with added salt scrubs away those tough marks from your brass surface.

The solution is an effective and effortless solution to make the metal shine in minutes!

#5. Make all-purpose spray for your doors and refrigerator using vinegar, orange peels, salt and water

The all-purpose spray is a simple spraying solution that can be used for washroom tiles, basins, sinks, glassware, doorknobs, and whatnot. The preparation of it doesn’t require many ingredients either.

All you need to do is add small pieces of orange peels (for scent), 1-2 tablespoons of salt, 1 cup of water and 1 cup of white vinegar. Leave the solution undisturbed for two weeks. Then filtrate the residue after the course and store it in your spray bottle. Use the spray whenever required for super easy clean!

Over the centuries, Vinegar found its place reserved on the shelves by women for its founding cleaning advantages. Much to its cleaning abilities, it is an added privilege for not harming the environment. When compared to other toxic cleaners, nothing can beat the vinegar agents in performance as well!

Use these simple tips to enjoy the effortless and smart eco cleaning!

Note: Never let the marbles get in touch with concentrated vinegar solution as it might eat the stone away!

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