Cleaning mattress

Step by guide to clean the mattress at home

Nothing around the house can interfere with your good night’s sleep, quite like a dirty mattress!

We remove and change bed sheets twice or thrice in a month. But, what about the mattress that lies underneath those sheets? Your mattresses contain high amounts of dust, allergens, mites, and stains.

Check the following steps to clean your mattress at home without much trouble.

1.Vacuum or dust away the superior layers of the mattress to avoid the high exposure of dust

The accumulated dust might enter your nasal cavities directly when you deal with the mattress. To avoid such an issue, vacuum or dust away the top layers of the mattress first. Cover every inch of the mattress for dusting and ensure not to leave off the edges, piping, and corners.

2.Spot-clean your mattress with a stain remover. You can use lemon and white vinegar to tackle the tough stains.

The rough old stains on the mattress are inevitable. The accidental spills of water, soda, and food will leave huge patch marks. Treat the stain with lemon and white vinegar for effective and easy removal. Spot cleaning your mattress gives you good results when compared to 0verall stain removal clean.

3.Sprinkle the Baking soda on the entire mattress to deodorize the unpleasant smells and remove mites.

Baking soda works as a versatile cleaning agent and does a fantastic job of cleaning the mattress. Sprinkle the entire mattress with the baking soda and leave it for about 20-30 minutes. Open the windows and pass and allow the sunlight to fall upon the bed.

UV radiation of the sunlight with baking soda performs a perfect cleaning for your mattress!

4.Vacuum or dust away the whole mattress (again) to remove the sprinkles of baking soda

Although baking soda is an excellent promoter of hygiene, you need to remove it as soon as the job is done. Hence, vacuum it up thoroughly from every inch and corner of the mattress and the bed.

5.Flip the mattress upside down and repeat the process for the outright cleaning

Although the stains are not really seen on the other side of the mattress, dust and mites can be born in. Flip the mattress upside down to allow the other side to tidy up. Repeat the same procedure and make your mattress fresh and clean.

Follow the above guide to and enjoy your bed as a renewed clean model. Do not even let your old mattress disturb your good night’s sleep!

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