All-Surface cleaner

All-surface cleaners for effective home disinfection

There are generally different cleaners for your floors, kitchen tops, bathroom faucets, doorknobs, and mirrors. They require different treatments due to different stains and surfaces. But, switching between these multiple products while cleaning your home is confusing and tiring altogether. We can have a simple and effective solution for all of these.

One simple cleaning solution for all the purposes!

Yes, a multi-purpose cleaner or (an all-surface cleaner) can be the best solution to overcome this tiring cleaning ordeal. The formulation can be used on many different surfaces and for many variant tasks around the house.

Know what an all-surface cleaner can do and its efficiency in disinfecting the surfaces!

What can an all-surface cleaner do?

  • Help you clean windows, doors, knobs, and glass effectively without leaving any smear marks. 
  • Using an all-purpose cleaner, you can mop variant floorings like tiles, wood, laminate, and ceramic –They leave spotless and shining floors!
  • A natural all-surface cleaner can even help you out in removing the marks from painted walls. However, chemical cleaners can be abrasive and smear the layer off. 
  • Since these cleaners do a fantastic job with steel, wooden, and glass cleaning, they are also used for cleaning the kitchen appliances and countertops.
  • As most of the bathroom faucets are made of stainless steel and ceramics, the all-purpose cleaner can be your best companion in cleaning your bathroom.

The efficiency of an all-surface cleaner

This multipurpose cleaner can be a powerful secret weapon during your cleansing ordeal. It is not only convenient to use but also secures your home away from bacteria and germs. All-surface cleaner serves as a perfect disinfectant if the right mixture is chosen.

1.It can potentially cut through tough grease and hard stains  –make your surfaces spotless

The tough grease and hard stains are challenging to remove with general detergent or cleaning agents. Although it is a multi-purpose cleaner, the special ingredients added will enable the cleanser to remove every kind of sturdy blot. They potentially cut through these stains and leave your surfaces stain-free and spotless.

2.Serves as perfect disinfectants when the all-surface cleaner is powered with essential oils

The essential oil’s unique properties will enable your multi-purpose cleaner to kill bacteria, germs, and viruses. Their antibacterial properties are induced efficiently, which allows them to remove the bacteria off your surfaces without many chemicals. 

3.Leaves soothing and identical aroma on all the surfaces and appliances

Different cleaners emit different fragrances leaving your home with a mixture of scents. Using a multipurpose cleaner for most purposes can help you spread the identical aroma all-around your house. This will significantly help you deal with allergies and infections.

Using an eco-friendly and essential oil-powered all-surface cleaner can effectively help you in cleaning your house and disinfecting it at the same time. The sweet aroma and high antibacterial properties of essential oils added will boost up the process of your cleaning.

You can check out our PureCult® eco-friendly all surface cleaner with Ylang-Ylang and Lavender essential oils, which can effectively clean every corner of your home. It’s time for safe, eco-friendly, and efficient cleaning!

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