Age appropriate household chores for kids

Did you know that kids who do chores have more concentration and life skills? It instills a sense of responsibility within them. These chores will nurture self-reliance and teach teamwork for them.

Parenting expert Jim Fay, the co-founder of Love and Logic website, says we all need to feel needed and to know that we're contributing  –this applies to kids as well. "But they can't feel that way if they don't have chores and make contributions to the family," Fay says.

Nonetheless, most of us think that our children are too young to do any of the tasks. This makes us try different activities to engage the kids. But, it is lovely to involve them in the chores instead of trying out many other engaging tasks. However, before finalizing the duties, the age of the kids has to be considered. Too simple or too hard tasks might make them lose their intent.

Here is the list of age-appropriate chores for kids!

1.Toddler appropriate chores for 2-3 years age

Wondering what toddlers can do? They can do a lot of activities, but their help might not be as helpful as you hope. At times it might even create a retask for you. But, involving them with the chores will bring change in their attitude towards work. You can include them in:

  • Arranging their bed along with you
  • Let them pick their playthings and toys after play
  • Assist them in filling your pets water and food bowls
  • Place things from one place to another
  • Picking up the newspaper, milk or mails from outdoor to indoor 

2.Chores for preschoolers of 4-5 years age 

The best thing about preschoolers is their enthusiasm for learning and helping around the parents. They love to spend time with their parents. Thus, involving your children in chores at this age will be highly comfortable. Their list includes:

  • Assist them in clearing and setting up the tables
  • Helping out in carrying items like groceries, articles, and toys 
  • Sorting the laundry into whites and colours before wash 
  • Watering the plants, flowers 
  • Matching the socks together 
  • Folding towels and arranging them for usage

3.Primary school kids between 6-9 years old

Although the enthusiasm for doing chores diminish in kids, they still like to be independent and do their own things. To provide such independence along with responsibility, you can try out the following chores for your kids:

  • Take care of the pets without your assistance
  • Vacuuming and mopping their room
  • Make their snacks with your support 
  • Taking out trash 
  • Folding and placing the laundry after wash 

4.Middle schoolers of age 10-13 years 

With appropriate guidance, almost all the kids of this age group can do most of the household chores. They require minimal supervision and can be responsible for the tasks they perform. Set proper expectations on their outcomes to ensure the tasks are completed with perfection. You can include the following:

  • Involve them in weekly or monthly house cleaning 
  • Cleaning their own dishes 
  • Handling trash and separating the recyclable materials
  • Assisting in preparing meals 
  • Vacuum and mop floors without support
  • Preparing light meals or snacks

5.Chores for highschoolers of 14 and above years

By this age, children are capable of handling any household chores. They do not require any supervision or guidance. But remember, handling different tasks along with their activities might make them feel burdened. Check their schedule and assign the tasks accordingly to make them feel light. Their list can be:

  • Let them do their laundry.
  • Clean out the fridge and other kitchen appliances
  • Ask their support in weekly and monthly household cleaning
  • Allow them to wash windows, doors, and cars
  • Babysit their younger siblings 
  • Care the pets independently and allow them to take for walks

"A child has to have some responsibilities," says Roger W. McIntire, University of Maryland psychology professor and author of Raising Good Kids in Tough Times.

And household chores are a great option to assign responsibilities to children at a young age. All we need to do is not concentrate on perfection in the initial days and let our children learn from mistakes.

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