How to clean car seats?

Most of the happiest drives with your family happen in your car. And spills and stains come along with fun. But when they happen, the car seats look quite messy and soiled. You do not need to go for a deep wash every time for small and few car seat spots. Follow the easy-to-use home remedies to clear off the stains yourself.

Here are quick and effort-free cleaning hacks for your car seats!

#1. Treat your leather car upholstery with vinegar and water solution. This will remove the stains and make them shine new.

The leather upholstery is the premium quality material and requires extra care when compared to cloth seats. Treat this superior material with the vinegar mixture spray. Add 7-8 drops of soap solution to a cup of distilled vinegar. Dilute the mixture by adding 3 cups of water. Dab the stain with the required amounts of solution to remove the stain.

Note - If the car seats are perforated, then use as little liquid as possible.

#2. Dab the tough stains on leather seats with non-gel toothpaste for the instant removal of the stain

Tough dark stains on the leather (especially perforated leather) will be a tough challenge to work on. Use a non-gel toothpaste for such a case. Dab the stain with required amounts of paste and use a clean toothbrush to scrub away the stain gently. A unique cleaning hack for your seats!

#3. Prepare and apply a baking soda spray to brush away the grime off your vinyl seatings

The Vinyl seatings are unique and tend to develop deep marks if left unnoticed. Regular cleaning with the all-purpose spray will make them look clean and out of dust. Add 2 spoons of baking soda to a glass of water and wait until the soda is completely dissolved. Store the solution in a spray bottle and use it when required.

#4. Laundry detergent is a perfect and instant alternative to clear the cloth or fabric seatings

Yes, when you do not find any vinegar or baking soda, one instant option you can rely on is laundry detergent. Add some laundry detergent with hot water and dampen the stains using this solution. Then use a soft microfibre towel with cold water to remove the soap and erase the stain. Repeat the procedure until you see the spotless upholstery.

#5. Vacuum away the superficial dust and dirt without the usage of liquids

For simple dirt and dust, vacuuming them away is an easy and the best way out. Using solutions or liquids for this might create grime on your car seatings instead of clearing them up. Hence, vacuum away the superficial layer of dust before the usage of liquids for stain removal.

Cleaning the car upholstery is easy and simple, which can be done at home. We need not spend a lot of time or money on cleaning the seatings. Try your best home remedies for your car from now on!

Pro tip: In case of gum or chocolate leftovers on your car seat, do not try to remove them directly. Instead, grab an ice pack and place it over the stain. Once frozen, the gum or chocolate will come right off without any scraping!

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