How to clean your couch?

What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book & a cup of coffee? We have to admit that most of our relaxing vacations are spent on the couch!

These beautiful couches not only add glory to your rooms but also be your best snuggling partners. Whether it is a premium leather couch or a smooth fabric sofa, the potential threat for stains is no little. From the accident spills of food to incessant fine dust accumulated, cleaning your couch has a lot of challenges to deal with.

Check these five easy tips to clean your couch at home –chemical-free!

1.Remove the bad odors off your couch by sprinkling baking soda and vacuuming it away after 20 minutes

The couches are prone to bad odors that are mostly due to the spills of your food, stains, and pet odors. To remove all the foul odors off your couch: sprinkle the surface with baking soda and allow it to settle for 15 minutes; then vacuum the sofa to remove the soda leftovers and the odors. 

2.A vacuum cleaner might not help you with pets’ fur. Swab them away gently using a paper tape

Pets pick your sofas to lay on all the time spreading their magical fibers of love. No matter how many times you vacuum your couch, you still find the strands of them lying. For effective removal of all these pets’ fur, use paper tape. Gently tape it around your palms and swab the whole cushion area using your hands.

3.Use a mixture of white vinegar, lemon, and orange essential oil to remove the tough stains and marks 

The stains and marks on the couch are the most formidable tints to remove. Prepare a cleaning solution by adding 1-2 cups of white vinegar, lemon, and orange essential oil. Spray this mixture on the soiled area and scrub it away using a fine brush.

4.Maintain the glow of the wood and leather upholstery by using the mixture of coconut oil and water.

The wooden and leather upholstery is a classic piece of design. To maintain that shine of the leather couch, use the solution of coconut oil and water together: Mix 3-4 spoons of oil in a cup of water; then dip a soft cloth in the solution and rub the surface.

5.Clear the stains on the fabric upholstery using a spray mixture of vinegar, olive oil, and mild detergent

Use a perfect spray solution to clean the accidental stains from the fabric couches. The vinegar and olive oil, together with a smooth detergent forms a potent spraying mixture. Store this in a bottle and apply it to the stained areas whenever required.

Pro tip: Always observe the cleaning instructions given by the manufacturers. You will mostly find the following tags seen on your couch. Know what they mean:

X - vacuum only,

W- water can be used for the couch,

S- Use a cleaning solution,

WS- Both water and a cleaning solution can be used.

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