Tips For Cleaning Hat

"Wyoming, a state of the western United States, prohibits the wearing of a hat that obstructs a view in a theater or any other place of amusement."

Now, wondering why people even wear hats to theaters or amusement parks? Of Course, we love them! Hats earned that fantastic position in fashion apparel. But the more we use, the more the caps lose their glory. 

Know the do's and don'ts to follow for cleaning any hat!

1.Do not machine wash any style of hat

Not just the sun hats(straw hats), but also the regular baseball caps should never be machine washed. Machine wash damages the texture of the cap and disfigures the shape of it. Thus, spot cleaning is highly recommended and does an incredible job. And hand wash can be used for the complete cleansing of the cap.

2.Use running cold tap water for handwashing the caps instead of soaking for longer hours

Soaking often is a great option to remove all the piled up dust out of fabrics. But, it is not a great one while cleaning caps. The soaking usually disturbs the texture and color of the cap. Thus a quick cold running tap water wash is a tender way to clean your hats. 

3.Never use excess water for cleansing Sun hats 

For a perfect beach trip or to a pool party, these cozy sun hats made up of straws are solely perfect. However, allowing them to excess water fans their color away and makes them fall apart at times. Thus always use a microfiber with a gentle soap solution to clean the stains. Swab the entire hat with a wet fabric to remove the dirt and dust.

4.Treat the decorative elements of your hats separately with fragile care 

Most of the hats have beautiful decorative embellishments adorned on them. These elements vary from beads, ribbons, stones, buttons, and leather accents. Remove all the adornments and cleanse them separately based upon the material. Place them back soon after they dry and see your hat with all new looks!

5.Always air dry the hats without heat exposure to avoid shrinkage. 

Even a slight form of heat exposure can ruin the shape of a hat and cause shrinkage. Lay your hat upside right in its original position on a dry towel in a well-ventilated room. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. However, the other instant drying options like hairdryers, laundry dryers are not safe as well –Just allow them to air dry within your home.

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