Weekly house cleaning checklist

On average every person spends 87% of their time indoors, this explains how important it is to clean your home.

Cleaning the house every day might not be possible and easy. In such a case, weekly cleaning will be highly effective to clear up the piled up dust and moulds. Knocking around a few hours for cleaning on your weekend is a good idea. You can even burn a few calories!

Nonetheless, we cannot go deep cleaning every week. That is why a weekly house cleaning checklist will highly help you in understanding what to clean and what to refrain from. Here is a weekly house cleaning checklist for your weekend!

1.Checklist for your living room

Living rooms do not have much of the accessories or closets to focus on. Yet, it contains immense dust lying on the floor, carpets, and windows. Here is what you need to focus on:

  • Vacuum the dust from floor and carpets
  • Wipe the shelves, cabinets, and drawers
  • Clean TV stand, remote and boxes attached to them
  • Wash windows, blinds, and doors

2.Kitchen cleaning checklist

The kitchen is a storehouse for most of the bacteria and viruses that our house contains. Extra care is required to ensure disinfecting a kitchen. Lookout what needs your attention:

  • Clear out the refrigerator and remove the unused eatables of the week
  • Wash the countertops starting from kitchen top
  • Clean the kitchen cabinets and walls 
  • A perfect cleanse for dishwasher 

3.Bedroom cleaning checklist

Bedrooms are often the most neglected rooms, which are usually used only for sleeping. But, this room also has all your belongings. Clear cleaning is undoubtedly essential. Check-up the essentials:

  • Organize and declutter your wardrobe and drawers
  • Vacuum the floorings and closet walls to remove dust
  • Change the sheets and organize your bed
  • Separate the dirty laundry and go with a wash

4.Checklist for your Bathroom

Even if your entire home is tidy, you cannot expect your bathroom to be so after a week's usage. They are super dirty after a couple of days of usage and consume a lot of your time for cleansing as well.

  • Clean mirrors, sink, and counters 
  • Wash off the showers and bath along with the plastics
  • Clear the piping and clogs 
  • Clean the toilets, floor and side tile walls with detergent 
  • Empty the bathroom trash and clean the trash can

5.Other misc activities 

Apart from the regular cleaning of your rooms and appliances, few other areas of your home require your attention. They include:

  • Paper, mail and magazine sorting 
  • Garbage can cleaning and clearance 
  • Staircase, porch or patio mopping

Weekly cleaning might seem long and time-consuming, but remember the home is where you live. The cleaner your surroundings, the healthier and motivated your living conditions are. Ensure you check all the boxes in your weekly cleaning from here on!

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