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5 Astonishing benefits of Olive oil around the house

Olive oil is one of the versatile presents that nature has gifted us. Usually, we know its common uses in the kitchen for cooking and its vast health benefits. But did you know that it can be widely used in cleaning and tidying up your households as well?

Apart from the high nutritional values that it carries, olive oil can be your spare remedy all the time in hand. You can use it almost all around the house from quick squeaks to the removal of metal tarnish in bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Check the top 5 astounding benefits of olive oil for every purpose of your house.

1.The mixture of Olive oil and distilled white vinegar can remove the tough water rings and scratches off the floors, tiles, wood, and cupboards

Water rings and scratches damage the look of your floorings and make the surface hard. To bring back the original shining look of your floors: add a bit of warm olive oil to your cleaning procedure. Prepare a perfect spray mixture of olive oil and distilled white vinegar with a few drops of lemon added. You can store the mixture in the refrigerator for long term usage!

2.Dab olive oil on a soft cloth and rub stainless steel for removing the rust

Stainless steel is highly prone to rust and brown marks after usage. You can put a dab of olive oil on a soft cloth and rub off any stainless steel appliance. This will remove the streaks, tarnish, water spots, and corrosion. Cleanse off the surface with a clean and soft cloth to make them spotless and shining!

3.Few drops of olive oil on the squeaky hinges of doors or windows will silence them instantly.

It is common to hear the noises from your doors, windows, cabinets, or cupboards. These creaking hinges noises are also annoying all the time. Do not worry, add 3-5 drops of olive oil to soothe down the sound. You can observe the change right instantly after the usage.

4.Add 1-2 drops of Olive oil on the sticky labels of the surfaces to clear the gumminess 

Labels leave sticky surfaces when removed from the surfaces. The gummy sensation left behind takes a couple of weeks to go away. In such a scenario, olive oil might be your best savior. Just add 1-2 drops of Olive oil on the sticky label area after the removal. Let the oil standstill in that arena for about 15 minutes before the rinsing. 

5.Shine up your leather and wood upholstery by cleaning with a mixture of olive oil, lemon essential oil, and white vinegar

The glory of your wood and leather is lost after a few years. You do not need to replace them just because of the lost shine. You can get back their original look by cleaning them with a perfect polish mixture. Add half a cup of olive oil to one cup of white vinegar with 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil. Spray it directly on the upholstery and swab it smoothly with a soft cloth to see them shining back.

Olive oil not only does wonders to your house, but also does a fantastic job to your hair, nails, and skin. Having this versatile liquid handy will ensure several benefits along the way!

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