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Benefits of PureCult floor cleaner powered with essential oils

It is imperative that the focus be on cleaning green, that is cleaning first, cleaning for health and hygiene, as well as cleaning in an environmentally preferable manner.- Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI)

The recent announcement from CIRI emphasizes the “green cleaning” part of the cleaning. “There are times when decisions are made to go ‘green’ that can have an impact on the actual cleaning process, resulting in a less healthy environment,” says Board Jim Harris, the chairman of CIRI.

Picking up a house cleaner is just a small decision. Yet, it creates a massive change to the environment you live in. After all, a clean place is a safe place for a healthy lifestyle. Reducing the amounts of chemicals used in the cleaners has shown a notable result in the green cleaning process. One such is the reduction of chemicals while scrubbing the floors. 

Intuitively, PureCult® Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner is designed to reduce the number of chemicals and avoid the harmful ones entirely. This eco-friendly floor cleaner creates a safer and cleaner indoor environment for you and your family.

Check out the other benefits associated with our essential oil powered natural floor cleaner!

1.It cleans and disinfects the surfaces with its double natural antiseptic properties 

PureCult® floor cleaner does not just give a perfect clean but complete disinfection as well. It removes all the stains, marks, and dirt off your floorings without a trace. Also, with the natural antiseptic properties of lavender and geranium essential oils, it kills microbes, including viruses and bacteria.

A dual clean with double protection to your floors!

2.It has a natural essential oil fragrance without any added phthalates for artificial scent

The lavender and geranium essential oils added into its natural blend gives a fragrant garden stroll in your house. The aromatic properties of them help you relieve stress and soothe your mind. Generally, phthalates, the synthetic materials for fragrancing cleaners, are added to cleaners. These phthalates are highly hazardous and cause respiratory issues.

With no additional artificial chemicals for aroma, our eco-friendly floor cleaner is entirely phthalates free. 

3.It serves good for every kind of floor, including marbles, tiles, laminates, and sealed hardwood floors

Do not worry about the kind of flooring you own. PureCult® floor cleaner does fantastic work on every type of flooring. Whether it is a marble flooring, tiles, laminates, or sealed terrazzo, it performs the same excellent job!

4.It gives a complete pet-friendly and children friendly clean 

PureCult understands how vital your floor is for your children and pets. After all, it is their all-time playground. They love to run, lick, play, and eat on the floor. Cleaning with PureCult® floor cleaner makes it completely pet-friendly and children friendly. It is natural, comfortable, and chemical-free for your family!

5.You can reduce your carbon footprint

The purification methods you employ for your home significantly account for the cleaning carbon footprint. The chemicals and carbon released into the surroundings during the cleaning ordeal cause a lot of damage. Since PureCult® floor cleaner is entirely safe with 100% natural ingredients and zero-harmful elements, it will not increase the carbon footprint.

Get your cleaning carbon footprint low with essential oil benefits added to your cleaning solutions!

6.Be a ZeroHero with Zero sulfates, Zero phthalates, and Zero triclosan emissions

Each ingredient going into the PureCult cleaning products is verified to make sure they have no harmful impact on humans and animals. We also ensure that the cleaning ingredients are safe and relaxed for every purposeful usage. We adhere to the principle of Zero Sulphates, Zero Phosphates, Zero Bleach, Zero Artificial Colour, Zero Artificial Fragrance, Zero Harmful Acids, Zero animal testing, and the list goes on.


As much as cleaning matters, how you clean matters as well! With an ardent belief in the procedure we picked, PureCult® Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaner is one of the most effective natural and planet-friendly floor cleaners for your safety. Join the clan of Eco-warriors today and keep the “clean” in house cleaning green!

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