7 quick tips to make your home pet friendly without harmful chemicals

If you are having a furry buddy at home, then you are at a never-ending struggle with fur, dirt and marks. How are you dealing with such a mess? Are using general synthetic cleaning agents to ensure a clean home? Then it’s about time to understand the importance of natural cleaners to make your home pet friendly.

The cleaning products that we use to disinfectant to clean our homes have high concentrations of chemicals that might irritate your pets. Topping the list of hazardous cleaning products are bleach, sulphates and phthalates. The concentrated amounts of these can upset their stomach and induce vomiting, or coat the airways and prevent breathing.

Minimise the effects caused to your furry bud and your family with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Check these 7 quick tips to make your home pet-friendly without harmful chemicals. 

#1. Minimise the mess around the house to reduce the frequent cleaning requirements

More the mess created, more is the cleaning ordeal required. Cleaning involves a lot of foreign substances which might affect the health of your pet. Hence, avoid the mess by taking simple precautions. For example, vacuum away the dirt, fur and prints instead of mopping them with cleaners every time.

#2. Deodorise the common places with baking soda instead of artificial fragrance which contain high amounts of phthalates 

You cannot avoid stains and odours with pets around your house. But, do not opt for quick artificial fragrances to deodorise the places. They contain high amounts of phthalates which causes breathing concerns.

Use baking soda which is a natural and eco-friendly deodoriser. It is also a mild abrasive which helps you clear the stains and marks along with the odour removal.

#3. Disinfect the surfaces, toys and materials with vinegar instead of soap and detergents 

Disinfecting the surfaces your pets play on carries the direct amount of allergens. Cleaning them with soaps and detergents will leave a higher concentration of chemicals. Thus, vinegar can be an effective natural disinfectant that will clear your surfaces and will keep your pets away from allergens. 

#4. Freshen up the bowls, plates and blocks with lemon slices instead of strong cleaners 

Removing the food odours off the soiled plates and bowls demands a strong detergent. The strong scent cooked food leaves behind is quite tough to handle. Lessen up your burden with lemon slices. They are perfect fresheners to clean up the odour mess. Once all food scraps have been removed from soiled dishes, rub a cut lemon wedge on them to remove odours, disinfect and sanitise.

This keeps the bowls, plates and food block surfaces food-safe for both humans and pets.

#5. Dilute the high chemical concentrated garments and carpets with water before usage 

New garments, curtains, sheets and carpets are filled with high concentrations of chemicals and allergens. You cannot put your pets off the new stuff. They love to explore and test their new toys (at least they think of them as). In such a scenario, diluting the high concentrations is the right choice. Dilute these new items with simple water before usage. Water will drain out the synthetic materials away. 

#6. Use the natural & eco-friendly combinations of baking soda and white vinegar for your cleaning ordeals 

The synthetic cleaners disinfect your surfaces but release a set of harmful chemicals into your house during the ordeal. It is better to avoid the harsh fumes and cleaners which contain such hazardous substances. Instead, switch to natural and eco-friendly combinations of baking soda and white vinegar. They not only clean the stains but also disinfects the surfaces. 

#7. Purchase non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaners instead of regular cleaning agents

Eco-friendly, non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaners contain fewer amounts of chemicals and are completely biodegradable. Check out the non-toxic options made up of natural ingredients to make them compatible with your pets.

While we don’t go around touching the floors, windows or countertops but pets do. Hence, think twice about the products you use to clean your home. When it comes to cleanup, prevention is the most suitable option. Switching to non-toxic or DIY cleaners can help you in keeping your home fresh and clean. Let your pets have a happy and healthy homestay!


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