Experts guide to Naturally condition your clothes

Fresh clothes give you a perfect uplift for a new day. The refreshing smell and softness of clothes will keep you at comfort all day long. They also enhance your mood for a better day out. But, the awesomeness can not stay long with a general detergent wash. 

A small amount of time you spend on conditioning clothes after the wash will leave that fascinating calmness. However, experts say that extra care you give for your clothes should not be a bane to your skin.

Check this easy guide to naturally condition your clothes without the high usage of chemicals. 

1.Say no to Chlorine bleach usage for washing or conditioning as it stiffens the clothes by removing the softness 

Chlorine bleach has a tremendous effect on the softness of clothes. It removes the softness present inside the fabrics and stiffens the molecular inbuilt. Less the bleach around the clothes, the soft they tend to be. Hence, avoid the usage of it while cleaning or conditioning your attires. 

2.Reduce the amount of detergent for fragrance. Instead, add an aromatic conditioner for a pleasant sense

A long sunny day leaves your clothes with germs and sweat all around. This leaves them with a bad smell which at times cannot be removed with regular wash. Adding up detergent to let go of the sour aroma is not a good idea. This will weaken the strands of your fabric. Instead, add a conditioning liquid soon after the wash to fill them with a stroll of fragrance. 

3.Add Vinegar solution for softening your clothes and removing the bad odors

Add a cup of white vinegar to a bucket of cold water. Then rinse the washed clothes for about 5 minutes before rinsing and drying. This will significantly help you in softening your clothes and removing the bad odors. 

4.Use Eco-Friendly fabric conditioner 

PureCult Eco-friendly fabric conditioner with geranium & lavender essential oil is all set with natural biodegradable ingredients, including the natural fragrances of essential oils. The sweet uplifting scent of lavender and geranium promotes a sense of relaxation and enhances the feeling of freshness all day long.

With no added harmful ingredients, PureCult’s fabric conditioner softens your clothes and maintains the quality of the fabric strands. 

5.Hang the clothes for mild fresh air in a wide arena to avoid the wrinkles and damage 

Natural air drying will be the best method for letting your clothes dry. The free-flowing air will stiffen the strands of your fabric, removing the moisture. Mild sunlight and air exposure will remove the foul odors and kill the bacteria. Also, spreading them wide enough while drying will help you in reducing the wrinkles. 

We believe that naturally driven cleaning is the best way to have a balanced, eco-friendly and safe clothes wash. Maintain the hygiene, freshness and bliss of your clothes with simple steps around. Condition the clothes naturally to increase their span and revive the fresh new look every time!

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