How you “dispose of your e-waste” matters!

E-waste consists of electronic products that are unwanted, not working, and nearing or at the end of their useful life. E-waste is one of the most threatening issues of the world at the moment. Being a pioneer in environmental destruction, e-waste has also become a significant threat to human’s life. The electronic devices we use greatly comfort our everyday life but once disposed, the harm they cause is unimaginable. 

Why is proper disposal of e-waste important? 

Many know that e-waste has to be disposed of properly, we do not know the factual reasons behind. Here are the foremost reasons why it is extremely hazardous. 

1.E-waste contains high amounts of toxic substances 

We throw away pieces of e-waste without considering its harm. They are much more hazardous than we ever think. These small particles usually include used batteries, spoiled motors and non-working watches. They contain chromium, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals that directly harm the environment.

2.E-waste holds high conspiracy for data breach 

We move the files to the bin before we toss away that old computer, gadget or mobile phone, but they can be highly revived. Yes, erasing or even overwriting your data can’t ensure complete elimination of data. If it ends in the wrong hands, your data is all set to be out!

E-waste disposal is not a quick and easy task to just toss them away.

3.Leeches poisons into the nearby water bodies from ballooned landfills 

With the growing demand for technology, the disposal of e-waste has increased tremendously over the years. The ballooned up wastes inside the landfills do not stop intoxicating the land itself. They slowly leech into the underground water and enter into the water supply nearby. 

E-waste problems in India 

  • India is ranked fifth in the world amongst top e-waste generating countries after the USA, China, Japan, and Germany. Still, we recycle less than 2% of the total e-waste produced annually. 

  • India ranks 177 amongst 180 countries on the Environmental Performance Index 2018, as per a report released at the World Economic Forum 2018. 

  • The informal sector dominates e-waste collection, transportation, processing, and recycling with very less awareness among the people. 

How to properly discard it. 

1.Check with retailers who take back the e-waste for new items purchased 

Indeed a good method. Pay less for your new items by returning the old ones. Just check with your retailers and know the policies and buybacks offered. Utilize the chance you have!

2.Donate to the charities for reuse before you toss your gadgets away 

We often change the products because of new trends. If a product is in a good condition to work, many charities and organizations accept electronics as donations. Set a new life for your old gadgets by donating them for reuse. 

3.Use a disposal service and know your city policies for proper management

The disposal services of e-waste can help you from end to end. From picking equipment to ensuring it’s appropriately recycled or disposed of. They do the entire task for you. However, knowing the city policies for proper management is a must. Learn the way how it has to be treated and ensure your home and community is free from e-waste. 

Take away 

E-waste is a common term among every household but treating it is never one. Improper disposal of e-waste harms not only the environment but also your health. Let us divert the e-waste from ending up in landfills with every effort that we can!


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