Copper utensils

4 Easy home-made solutions to clean copper utensils and bottles

Copper is exceedingly shiny and has a bright, inviting look. Utensils, bottles and plates are made up of this metal for not only its look but also for its amusing ayurvedic benefits. Drinking water from copper bottles or vessels regularly is proven to have a lot of benefits.

Maintaining their shine over daily usage is a bit challenging. Although they do not rust, they tarnish away. Dark circles will form on the lustrous surface fading away their look. 

4 Easy home-made solutions to clean copper utensils and bottles!

1.Rub the surface with table salt and lemon to minimize or reduce the oxidation of copper 

The combination of table salt and lemon performs a fantastic job in reducing the oxidation. Minimized levels of oxidation on the vessel surface eliminate the dark grooves formed. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the crumbs of salt over the juicy side. Rub the surface of the metal with this natural scrub for about five minutes.

Clean the vessels with clean water and witness their shiny look.

2.Remove the tough old stains of grime and tarnish with the fusion of vinegar with salt 

Mix apple cider vinegar or white distilled vinegar in 2:1 proportions with salt to form an efficient copper cleaner. Spread the paste on the surface and rub the surface gently till the stains are removed. Let the paste settle down for about ten minutes before a clear wash. Repeat the process if there are any mild stains left out. Polish up the surface with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

3.Add few spoons of white vinegar & lemon to the mixture of flour, salt and detergent to prepare an in-house copper cleaning solution

A durable copper cleaning solution can be prepared at home within minutes. All you require is a mixture of flour, salt and detergent (taken in equal proportions) and a few spoons of distilled vinegar and lemon juice. Blend the ingredients to prepare an instant copper cleaning solution. This can be stored inside a jar for future purposes as well!

4.Scour the copper stains with a lemon slice and baking soda powder and remove the tough acidic stains

We know that baking soda is an excellent alkaline substance. It can act as a perfect neutralizer as it counterbalances the acidic properties of tarnish. Take some baking soda powder and scour the copper stains with a lemon slice till the spots are removed. Rinse with warm water and polish.

Copper kills undesirable bacteria & viruses, and thus, water and food are usually stored in them. However, the non-corrosive material lining is required for storing food as copper tends to react with the acidic materials of food. You can follow the above mentioned home-made solutions to get back the lustrous look of your copperware.


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