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Four reasons why you should wash your baby clothes separately

Baby clothes have to be washed separately. They are not to be mixed with the other adult clothes. However, there are reasons behind every recommendation that Newborns and infants have susceptible, tender, and fragile skin. They are highly prone to skin allergies, infections, and hives. Most of which are caused by the clothes that we drape them in. Hence, proper care in washing baby clothes is required for the happy cheery smiles around.

Check out the reasons why your baby clothes require a separate wash!

1.To sustain the smooth and soft texture of the fabric even after multiple washes

A particular type of cloth is used in the fabrics of newborn babies. This fabric ensures the smoothness and soft touch to the baby's skin without causing any skin irritation or rashes. But, the texture of the cloth is diminished after washes. To retain the composure and texture of the baby fabric, guided separate and careful wash is required. Their tender skin deserves such smooth and pappy dresses after all!

2.To avoid allergies, eczema, and infections for your babies, transmitted through clothes

The used clothes of adults typically contain germs and microorganisms that encourage allergies, eczema, and infections. These organisms do not affect the adults, yet have significant reactions on the baby's skin. When all the household clothes are washed together, the chance of these organisms passing onto baby clothes is high. This passing on infectious organisms might highly affect the baby, and cause infections and allergies.

3.Generally used detergents have harsh agents which cannot be on the baby's skin

The high-end detergents and soaps used for regular laundry do not suit babies. The harsh agents present are highly active and cause itches and blisters on the baby's skin. Hence, a separate detergent for baby clothes is recommended for washing up the clothes of infants.

Also, it is required to check the list of agents that are present in the detergent before picking the suitable one. Mild and clement substances best suit toddlers' skin.

4.Not to stain the other clothes of the household with plausible baby massage oil 

Baby massage oil enhances the growth of healthy skin cells for the baby. Also, a definitive massage with such oils magnifies the blood circulation within the body. However, the fragrance of this massage oil is quite distinct and cannot be removed even after several washes. Alongside, the stains they might create for other clothes are again trouble. Hence, a preferable separate wash for their tiny little clothes is always recommended.

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