5 Good hygiene habits for children

Habits and hygiene are the essential practices that children adopt from parents directly, and these can be nourished in the long run with continuity.

Here are five good hygiene practices that you can ensure your kids develop in the mean break time.

1.Sleep Hygiene

“Early to bed and early to exercise” can be one fantastic practice that can help them boost immunity and increase blood flow towards the brain, all possible with the healthy sleep cycle adoption. Ensure they do it every day for at least two weeks, which would eventually become a habit.

2.Wash Hygiene

Wash hygiene not only includes a hand-wash regimen, but it involves teeth, shower, nail, and foot hygiene. Ensure they are washing and moisturizing regularly till they do not feel it as a responsibility, but it’s part of the day.

3.Food Hygiene

Let your kids know right from basics, about germs and bacteria that food has and how washing, boiling, and proper hygiene is vital in the preparation of food. Involve them in cooking, and simultaneously table etiquette can be taught.

4.Play Hygiene

Playing and physical exercises are fundamental to the physical health of kids. While indoors, let kids take short walks in the balcony or the living area. If your kids like doing art, encourage them to pursue it. Ensure their painting colors and play doughs are organic. Let them know the importance of cleaning their hands and legs before and after playtime

5.Internal Hygiene

Sounds different? But yes, it is imperative to focus on extra-curricular and concentration activities right from the beginning. It helps them to modulate and feel the energy within.

Practice everything together; after all, parents are the epitomes for children, and your kids would quickly grasp it when you do it with them!

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