A quick guide to cleaning your baby clothes

Your baby is as soft as a feather and gentle as a dove. Their immune system is still in the development phase and anything that is left ignored can result in infections and diseases. This can be even from the clothes they wear. Many parents are still unaware of this fact. This guide will help you get your baby's clothes washed rightly. 

  • Before you wear them all the onesies, sleepers, and panties that you bought from the store, give them a good wash. All of your baby's clothes should be washed once before you use them. These clothes are prone to a lot of harmful bacteria from day 1 of processing the fabric to a cloth and then delivering it to you. Newborns have sensitive skin, and wearing those unwashed clothes can result in skin rashes and other irritants. 
  • Even though machine washing your baby's clothes isn't enough to get rid of the bacteria, you should consider certain things while machine washing them. Make sure you don't mix your baby's clothes along with yours in a washing machine. 
  • Before washing your little bundle of joy's soft plush clothes, check for the brand label and instructions on how to clean. This will help you understand the fabric type and how it should be washed. 
  • Always use a non-chemical mild soap/ detergent that is specifically designed for babies/infants. 
  • After washing your baby clothes, soak them in warm water. This ensures that the left out bacteria and allergenic viruses are killed. 
  • Dry the baby clothes in the sun or heat. Sunlight is a perfect disinfectant and ensures that your baby's clothes are clean and sterile. 
  • If you are hand washing the clothes of your little one, make sure you sanitize and wash your hands thoroughly before washing theirs. 
  • Beforehand wash, soak the baby dresses in warm water and then wash. Later after hand washing the clothes, again soak them in warm water.

Bottom line

Before buying a baby detergent, look for the ingredients and do proper research. Follow the instructions carefully and avoid using different soaps on their clothes. 

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