Are the floor cleaners harmful to your pets?

Are the floor cleaners harmful to your pets?

We have a habit of keeping the floors clean, especially when we have our little ones and pets around. But do you know how safe they are? The floor cleaners that we get in the market today are loaded with high chemicals like bleach, ammonia, glycol ethers and formaldehyde. This, in a way, can put your pets under risk. Many cancerous diseases can also come along by using such toxic floor cleaners.

Several studies have been done to see the dangerous effects of floor cleaners. One study concentrated on measuring the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in cleaning products. It was found that even after the floor cleaners are put away and closed, the vapors left behind can continue to harm both us and pets.

Check out for these ingredients:

Now when you buy a floor cleaner, check out if it has these ingredients. If so, avoid using them and move on to a much more natural alternative. 

  • Ammonia – one of the highly toxic ingredients used in many cleaning products, ammonia contains a high level of VOC. It can burn your pet’s mucous membrane and result in asthma. Ammonia becomes highly poisonous when mixed with bleach. The mixture then turns out to be deadly for pets. 
  • Chlorine – we are familiar with the effect of chlorine as a powerful disinfectant. It is one of the popular ingredients used in floor cleaners. Chlorine has many side effects that range from dizziness to vomiting. Also, make sure that you don’t use chlorinated water in your pool, to make your pet swim. 
  • Glycol ethers – glycol ethers are seen in many cleaning items like glass cleaners, spot removers, and carpet cleaners. The adverse effects of glycol ethers include lung damage, kidney failure, and anemia in pets. 
  • Formaldehyde – formaldehyde has a nauseating aroma that is widely used in soap and pet shampoo manufacturing. Formaldehyde is known to affect the lungs and respiratory organs of your pet. 

Bottom line

If you are having pets at home and want to keep your home neat and clean, it is good to use pet-safe floor cleaners.

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