Ylang ylang

Know More About Ylang Ylang Oil Benefits

Ylang Ylang essential oil roots its origin from the Philippines and Indonesia. Ylang Ylang oil is extracted by distilling the star-shaped flowers of Cananga odorata botanical. It is prominently known for its romantic aroma and sexual stimulation. 

Having an intensely sweet spicy and floral mixture scent, it seduces the senses. This gentle and soothing scented oil has got a lot of additional usages and let’s see what it has got,

1.Best indoor incense for a lightened and exotic mood

Diffusing diluted Ylang Ylang essential oil in the room, along with lavender oil, serves as a perfect indoor incense. This mixture gives a fresh breath of air for a lightened and exotic mood. Elegant instant fragrance can be prepared right before your friends arrive at your place!

2.Maintains perfect hydration, conditioning for skin & hair

Ylang Ylang oil helps in maintaining hydration and conditioning –it enhances circulation within the skin and scalp. And it gives a glow to the surface and enhances healthy growth to hair –It is also best known for balancing the oil secretion weighing excessive dryness or oiliness.

3.Credibly helps in cleaning dishes and Mattresses 

Ylang ylang essential oil when mixed with lemon essential oil and cooking soda credibly removes the grease and tough stains from the dishes. Also, it cleans mattresses by removing the bugs and moths when used with lavender essential oil. 

4.Gives amusing results in Aromatherapy by reducing stress

This oil is stored in small bottles and carried everywhere to smell, which gives the best results in reducing stress and amplifying your mood. Best recommended for stressful work lives to have a peaceful flow.

Note: With all its super benefits of Ylang Ylang oil, it is preferable for external usage itself, intake usage has to be supervised by Health care providers. Extra caution is required while the usage is for Children and pregnant women.

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