Tea tree oil

5 Everyday Remedies of Tea Tree oil

Tea tree essential oil is such an immediate in hand remedy for most of the social usages. It is quite inexpensive and is completely safe for direct usage as well. Check out these essential everyday usage tips of Tea Tree essential oil.

1. Serves as a hand sanitizer when mixed with enough alcohol

Tea tree oil serves as a perfect hand sanitizer when used with the fused as a mixture with required amounts of Aloe vera gel, alcohol and lavender essential oil. It’s highly effective in killing regular colds and flu-causing germs.

2. Treats itchy skin and itchy eyelids as a moisturizer

Tea tree oil is effectively used for treating any kind of skin, either an oily one or a dry one. This can even be mixed with a moisturizer to treat itchy skin and itchy eyelids.

3. Acts as mold and mildew remover in bathrooms

Mix 5-6 drops of tea tree oil with white vinegar and use the spray on sinks, basins, bath and shower. Leave it for a while and clean with fresh water. 

4. Perfect mouthwash which fights tooth decay & bad breath

Yes, no more usage of chemical mixed mouthwash, just dilute the tea tree oil with a cup of warm water and use it on a daily basis early in the morning. This helps to fight tooth decay and bad breath.

5. When mixed with regular shampoo; does dandruff control

Adding tea tree oil to a dollop of shampoo before hair wash would slowly show you results in dandruff and scalps dead skin. Though these are not hazardous, we need to agree they are quite irritating.

Note: Tea tree oil is not really meant for all, you might develop skin irritation after the usage. It is suggested to have allergy skin patch tests before the complete regular usage.

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