Peppermint oil

Best 5 homemade cures of peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is known for its versatility and its cooling effects. It is grouped as one of the cooling essential oils, best used in hot seasons. With evident usage from ages dating back from 1000 B.C.

Peppermint essential oil is extracted from the peppermint plant, which is a hybrid between watermint and spearmint. Learn its best uses in your home with simple techniques.

1. Reduces stress & Improves mental clarity

Peppermint oil has an amusing ability to improve cerebral blood circulation to your brain. This ability plays an active role in reducing stress and promotes mental awareness. It is instant Mood Pick Up oil!

2. Serves best for home cleaning and locks down pests

Spiders and pests hate Peppermint, and thus it will be an excellent natural repellent for them. Just spray the diluted oil across for a perfect home clean. Peppermint oil effectively cleans mirrors, windows and stainless steel. 

3. Calms and soothes the tired feet within minutes

After a long tiring day, you might feel your feet sore. To give calm and soothing relief, place them in a bucket of cold water with few drops of Peppermint oil added –It does the magic!

4. Puts you on alert while driving and avoids sleep drifting

During long journeys, driving for long hours sure is a challenge without drifting into sleep. Add a few drops of peppermint oil to a cotton ball or cloth. Clip it to the AC vent, which helps in energizing you and keeping you on alert.

5. Quick toothache relief from throbbing & sensitive pain

Having proper levels of Menthol in it, peppermint oil has got the ability to dull pain and relax gum muscles immediately. Peppermint soothes toothache even for one of the most throbbing and sensitive pain.

Note: Though Peppermint oil helps for better hair growth, it cannot be dependent as a sole source for severe state issues like baldness.

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