Geranium oil

Top 5 perks of geranium essential oil at home

Essential oils are used for their Aromatic property for treating mental stress and Physical stress. Geranium essential oil is extracted by distilling the leaves of different species and strains of Pelargonium (a kind of perennial shrub).

It has got high medicinal, antimicrobial and anxiolytic properties. This native South African oil can be used in day-to-day life for different purposes. Read out the top 5 perks of this oil at your home.

1. Reduce itch sensations and treat allergies & bug bites

Geranium oil can be effectively used to reduce itch sensations caused by Skin allergies. It is also influential in treating the Bug Bites. Dilute the oil with water before applying on the affected part of the skin.

2. Effective in attenuating high blood sugar levels

Attenuate the high blood sugar conditions, and yet again, this is not for consumption purposes. You can apply the oil on your skin for massaging, which equally shows good results. Indeed you can try it on for elders who are suffering currently at your home.

3. Drops mixed with face cream diminish the wrinkles

This oil can help you in hiding your wrinkles, and so does your age. For effective results, add 1-2 drops of Geranium oil in your face cream every day. Continue this for about 2 weeks consecutively for effective results. 

4. Treats respiratory ailments and eliminates infection

Respiratory ailments can be treated with Geranium oil as it has shown effective response in killing infection-causing bodies. This can be used by either inhaling the oil twice a day, or by applying it on the skin near the throat and nostrils area.

5. Plays as a total fabric softener and laundry specialist

Adding a couple of drops to your laundry gives you fluffy clothes without too much softness. It also does amazing work in removing static wrinkles on your clothes.  

Note: 2-3 drops of it can be added in baking food, but taking excess amounts might cause severe stomach issues.

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