Citronella oil

5 Effective remedies of Citronella essential oil

Citronella essential oil has got the citrus-like aroma which is extracted from a certain species of grasses popularly known as lemongrass. Citronella is an all-rounder oil which again has got a huge list of beneficial characteristics. Check these top unique remedies of the oil.

1. Works effectively as a mosquito repellant

Most of the Mosquito repellants we use contain Citronella oil as a main ingredient. Diluted citronella can be used for the short term purpose of preventing the mosquito bite and pure oil for the long term but might cause little skin irritation. 

2. Citronella oils aroma promotes weight loss

Are you on diet, doing a lot of exercise and muscle work? Citronella oil will be an add-on for your efforts. Citronella oil with its components can enhance weight loss just by inhaling. Yes all you need to do is inhale it twice a day.

3. Fight fatigue and boosts your spirit

With its aromatic benefits, it’s quite a home remedy to diffuse it in your rooms which can help you fight fatigue and brighten up your spirit.

4. Deals with harsh stains & potent Kitchen cleaner carriers

Antifungal and antibacterial properties in citronella oil are capable of cleaning harsh stains when used together with baking soda. It also serves as a potent kitchen, washroom and household cleaner.   

5. Improved food appetite by killing the stomach worms

Frequent exposure to the scent and aroma of Citronella effectively shows improvement in appetite and also helps in killing the worms inside the stomach which gives a healthy food appetite.

Note: Concentrated usage has been reported likely unsafe, Citronella oil is preferably safe with diluted usage without any adverse effects.

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