Basil oil

Top 5 Benefits of Basil Essential Oil

Basil plant (Tulsi) is grown in every household. Basil is nicknamed as Royal Herb for its rich medicinal values that it inherits among all the other herbs and its intoxic nature. It emits a warm, sweet, fresh and crisply herbaceous scent which soothes one's mind. Though it is commonly seen, its usage is rarely known to all of us. Let’s see how it can used for various other purposes,

1. Serves as a best natural remedy for Ringworm infections

Quite seen and experienced skin infections are ringworm infections, which are highly caused by continuous exposure of heat and sweat accumulation. Basil oil mixed with drops of lemon juice serves as a best treatment for these Ringworm Infections.

2. Facilitates optimal food absorption & Digestion

Adding a few drops to your food at times helps facilitate optimal digestion. The eugenol present in the oil provides anti-inflammatory action and cleanses your digestive tract.

3. Uniformly eliminates odor and cleans kitchen equipment

Basil oil is proven to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and viruses. Thus, it helps in eliminating the bad odor. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties also help in cleaning the kitchen tools and equipment. The diluted oil with water can be stored and sprayed when necessary. 

4. Best anti-toxin to treat acne when mixed with lemon oil

Mixture of Basil oil with rose water and lemon juice drops lower the swells and prevents the outbreaks of acne. This blend purifies the blood under and removes toxin agents which gives quick results for your acne.

5. Basil steam acts as an immediate cure for any congestion

Congestion seems common in winter and rainy season. One best and immediate remedy is to either take Basil oil and add steam for 5-10 minutes or add it to your bathwater to have an instant relief.

Note: It is strictly advised to prohibit the usage of Basil oil or any of the Basil forms for pregnant women as it has immense impact on hormonal levels.

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