Eucalyptus oil

5 Incredible uses of eucalyptus oil - all at Home

One of the most known and highly used essential oils is Eucalyptus. It is quite familiar with its high usage in cold relief products like Vicks Vaporub, which are widely used for clearing nasal airways. 

This amusing essential oil is derived from the Eucalyptus globulus popularly known as blue gum. The evergreen leaves of the plant are distilled to extract the sweet and scented Eucalyptus oil. Along with the high medicinal properties, it has got high usage in other quick remedies as well.

1. Enhances oral care and gum strength

Add a drop of Eucalyptus oil to your toothpaste for good oral care and gum strength. You can even swish your mouth with a diluted mixture of a drop of Eucalyptus oil with coconut oil to control the bad breath.

2. Potent to remove germs off clothes in Laundry

Do not worry about the germs that get carried through clothes. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil during laundry, which would get rid of the contagious germs and viruses.   

3. Best used for hair therapy in mending damaged hair

Such a perfect choice for hair treatment for mending damaged hair. It serves as a nourishing and strengthening oil. It also can be added to the shampoo, which does a great job of hydrating hair and conditioning –this entirely relieves you from Dandruff’s stress. 

4. Speeds up the healing of acute sinusitis & breaks asthma

Cineole in Eucalyptus is proven to speed up the healing of acute sinusitis. Eucalyptol present in it breaks the mucus in Asthma patients relieving them from constant breath issues. Inhale it twice a day for effect!

5. Serves as a perfect conditioning oil for beard

Mixtures of Jojoba oil, castor oil, and drops of Eucalyptus essential oil blend would be a perfect conditioning oil for Beard. This blend softens and strengthens the facial hair. It would be a good friend to men!

Note: Intake of the Eucalyptus essential oil must be strictly guided by a Physician or a Physical care person.

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