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Five Unique Uses and Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil at Home

Did you know that lavender oil has found its usage right before 2500 years by Romans and Egyptians? Egyptians used lavender essential oil in mummification and Romans for cooking and scenting purposes. It had also found its usage as a remedy for the Great Plague in the 17th century.

Lavender essential oil is known for its sweet lavender fragrance and is often used for cologne and Aromatherapy. Few to know, this multi-purpose oil can help you in a lot more ways. Here you can see the top 5 among them to use!

1.Effectively helps in promoting sleep & sets sleep cycle

Lavender oil promotes sleep and sets your sleep cycle over days of usage and fights Insomnia. All one needs to do is have the oil diffused in your bedroom hours before you go to bed.

2.Treats inflammatory issues, especially on the skin

The lavender essential oil can effectively treat inflammatory issues, especially on the skin. The oil has to be applied to the skin for treating burn wounds and scars. 

3.Prevents and kills the head lice when used as hair oil

Natural head lice treatment at your home is now available at a much cheaper cost. A mixture of Lavender oil with tea tree oil helps in preventing as well as killing the head lice. Bingo! Such ease of usage, apply and wash it off.

4.Best anti-fungal treatment - destroys fungal membranes

Lavender oil carries out an antifungal activity and can destroy the membranes of the fungal cells, eventually killing them. Now don’t worry about all the itching sensation caused by fungus on your skin; this quick remedy is right available.

5.Removes wrinkles & freshens fabrics

Adding 1 or 2 drops of Lavender to water in the Iron box before ironing does the dual job by both removing wrinkles and freshening fabrics at a shot. This method can help you with the beautiful aroma forbye.

Note: In case you develop nausea, vomiting, or headache, abandon the usage immediately till you have appropriate supervision to monitor the usage.

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