Is "eco-friendly" actually eco-friendly?

Is "eco-friendly" actually eco-friendly?

In today’s day and age, when environmental concerns are at the peak, consumers are shifting towards organic products. Whether it is food, fashion, products of daily use, cosmetics, or home decor products, there are eco-friendly alternatives readily available. Brands are also investing heavily in research to come up with organic alternatives for their customers. At the same time, there are some brands that might use the tag “Eco-friendly” but are not actually organic. So how does one identify that if “eco-friendly” is actually eco-friendly?

#1. Check for certifications

In different countries, there are different certifications for organic products. In India, the Food Safety Standards and Authority of India (FSSAI) have launched the Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods). The Jaivik Bharat logo must be present on an organic food product. In Australia, there are certifications available from organizations like Australia Certified Organic Ltd.

#2. What is your product made of?

Check out the information provided on the product and try and identify any non-organic supplement that has been used. Provided there is not, a product can be safely called organic.

#3. Communicate with the Vendor

If you do not find sufficient information from the product itself, it is always advisable to speak with the supplier or the vendor and discuss it with them if the product is truly organic. 

One of the steps that customers can take to ensure the products they are buying are really organic is to buy from local farmers and vendors. Through this step, they will be able to monitor their procedures and buy truly eco-friendly products. Further, this method also has an added advantage of reducing the carbon emissions caused due to the transport of these products. While customers should be motivated to buy organic products, it is equally important that they are aware of whether or not the products they buy are truly organic. 

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