How Can You Reduce Carbon Footprint?

How Can You Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gases—primarily carbon dioxide—released into the atmosphere by human activities. This metric can be measured for individuals, industries, and nations on a broader level. While it is extremely difficult to calculate an individual’s carbon footprint, it is relatively simple to identify ways in which one can reduce carbon-emissions. Let’s look at a few ways in which you, an individual, can reduce your carbon footprint. 

#1. Go Vegan or at least vegetarian

The meat industry, especially beef, is one of the largest in terms (nearly half, according to a report by The World Bank and IFC) of greenhouse gases emitted. Going vegan or vegetarian would address this concern significantly. A study by the University of Michigan suggests that shifting to a vegetarian meal one day a week could save the equivalent of driving 1,160 miles.

#2. Buy Energy-efficient products

Simply Replacing old lightbulbs with LED lightings can cause a massive impact on consumption. According to a study, residential LEDs with Energy Star ratings consume 75% less energy and last 25 times longer. LEDs are good for your planet and your pocket! There are many other home appliances like ACs, washing machines, dishwashers, etc available with more eco-friendly versions.

#3. Energy-saving while commuting

For every mile that an individual travels by car, they produce nearly 0.8 pounds CO2. By opting for methods like Carpools, public transportation, or less energy-incentive vehicles like bikes, you can cause great help to the environmental cause. Further, fuels like CNG and electricity can also help you mitigate air pollution caused by cars. 

#4. Carry out plantation drives

One of the most effective ways to replenish oxygen is to plant more trees. So take up initiatives at a personal as well as community level to plant more trees. Planting trees for fruits and vegetables will further reduce the carbon emissions otherwise caused due to the transport of food! 

The steps in this article are simply the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other activities across spheres of our lives like fashion, traveling, wellness and many more. When an entire community takes even a tiny step, the impact is large! 

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