How can you prepare your children for environmental conservation?

Teaching your children about the environment is as important as teaching them about technology. Educating about environmental conservation right from childhood will steer them to be a motivated adult responsible for habitat.

Ensure you don’t miss out on these important things while instructing your children about environmental conservation.

1.Present the facts of the amounts of damage caused due to human intervention

Presenting the facts about the environment can make children think more about its orientation. Explain in detail about the eco-friendly and non-eco-friendly materials and what difference they make. This would help them notice variant things going around. Children use a lot of plastic products without realizing the harm to the environment. Making children aware of environmental hazards caused by plastic products would let them take more informed decisions for the future. There is no minimum age requirement to learn about recycling, reducing & reusing. Let's begin today!

2.Manifest their change through example-based teaching

Exemplar oriented discipline would help the children remember for long. Pick an old picture of you with a beautiful lake or forest and show the adverse effects caused to it over time. This can help them to relate to the periodic impact caused.

3.Include them in your environmental house chores like recyclable wastes separation

Join them in simple activities at home like separating the recyclable wastes, giving away unused materials, and reusing the old items for simple crafts. Set up a garden and ask them to plant trees. This would help them have a bond developed with nature.

4.Involve your children in community clean-up activities once in a while

It’s good to involve your children in cleaning up activities like picking up trash from the neighborhood. This will help them to think about waste management and instill responsibility towards the community they live in.

5.Do not exempt your child from your eco-friendly lifestyle that you follow

Don’t exempt your children from eco-friendly ways that you follow. Give them an eco-friendly lunch box. Ask them to prepare their pen carrier pouch out of cloth instead of plastic pencil boxes. This will slowly make them feel generic with all the products.

Children grasp things faster when you follow them hence lead them by example and witness your kids turn into responsible citizens towards nature!

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