World health day

3 good habits we can follow from this World Health Day

Staying healthy is an integral part of life. Good health is a must. Without the support of good health, a happy life and ambitions become challenging to achieve. 7th of April is celebrated as the World Health Day to promote global health awareness. 

Here are simple, yet worth taking three habits for a healthy lifestyle.

1.One extra glass of water now and then

Ensure you take enough water, which keeps you hydrated all day long. Proper hydration boosts your immunity by removing the deadly toxins from the body. Increased metabolism also protects your sensitive tissues of joints and spinal cord.


2. More steps & regular breaks

Long hours of work with undisrupted breaks are not that encouraging. Try simple breaks amidst by taking a short walk in your lobby or balcony. Don't forget to have a glass of water before resuming the work back!

Engage yourself in a regular morning or evening walk, which can be for 15-20 minutes. This short walk will let you feel fresh and energized.


3. One healthy meal every day

We aren't talking about the OMAD diet (one meal a day)! All you need to plan is one simple healthy meal in your day. Let that be your breakfast or an early supper; ensure you include more fiber and vitamins to your feed.

This meal plan will provide you with all the essential nutrients and encourage you towards a healthy routine.

Healthy Meal

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