5 Easy ways to save water this summer

Dealing with summer is no less than being at war with “hot beaming Sun”. With growing global warming conditions, the temperatures of our planet Earth are rising tremendously. In such a scenario, the only solace we find is through the water. 

But, the over usage of water is again a misdeed. We cannot let the underground water level diminish in a single season. Besides, studies state that over utilization of water accounts as a reason for the prevailing bad weather.

Hence, limiting ourselves to not leverage the aqua resources can be one solution within our hands. Check out these 5 effortless ways to save water, which can be implemented this summer.

1.Reconfigure your washroom with every detail from low-faucet aerators to water-saving showerheads.

All the modern washrooms have flush models built for our convenience. But the flush toilets that we use generate 20-fold increased wastes when compared to the older ways. And the most endangered issue with wastewater generated from flush is “improper disposal”. It is said that 80% of these wastewaters are directly mixed back into the environment with no formal treatment. 

We can reduce this effect by using simple mechanisms like low-faucet aerators, installing water-saving showerheads, and periodic checks of pipes and toilets. Placing a large obstruction (a filled sack or bottle) to block the space in your flush reduces the amount of water stored. Hence, lesser amounts are discharged when used!

2.Use smart laundry & washing techniques and use the wash cycle after full load.

The best conversation techniques start with your smart ideas. The usage of high amounts of water is next observed in doing dishes and laundry. To avoid these, it is highly recommended to go for a wash cycle in your machine after a full load. 

In case you are going with a minimal load, then adjust the water levels accordingly. This simple adjustment itself saves liters of water in a day!

3.Shortening your shower by 2 minutes every time save hundreds of gallons

That might sound a little unconvincing, but it does pay off better results. Again, we are discussing showers, not baths. Shortening showers saves hundreds of gallons within a month from a single household. 

Showers are a blissful cheer during the summer days, but a little less time would help you in saving water.


4.Soak your gardens in the morning or evening to hold the moisture for longer hours

The environment includes everything, the plants, the water, the air, and us. So, we cannot let our gardens dry up and let our yards barn away. The summer heat has to be managed well for your plants to survive.

Follow the simple aeration and dripping methods to always maintain the moisture in their soils. Humidifying their breath relieves them as well. Also, water your plants in the morning or evening and set a cycle to ensure the longer wet surface. Hot afternoons dry them up in no time, and soaking the soils in noons is never a great idea!

5.Follow simple kitchen hacks while cooking and washing including defrosting techniques

The other hot spot in the house where we drain most of the water is Kitchen. We cook and wash the food as well as utensils there. Since more is used, the more is the chance to save.

Simple techniques while cooking, add a hand in protecting your water. That includes changing your defrosting strategies, choosing steamed vegetables instead of boiled ones.

save water in kitchen

Check out more ways to reduce water wastage while cooking here.

This summer can be more productive in training your brain and family with more efficient ways to save water. Get all your people involved to see the multiple fold result in your effort. Nonetheless, you can even enjoy the reduced water bills, which saves your pocket through this!

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