Kitchen wastage

6 Simple Ways To Go Zero-waste In 2020

A simple glance around your home and you’re likely to find something that you do not need. From plastic cutlery from your last take-out to disposable paper napkins, paper bags and more, our homes are filled with stuff that we don’t know how to recycle.

As per statistical data, India generates 62 million tonnes of waste per year and if it continues at this rate, we will need a landfill the size of Bengaluru to dump it all in.


A great way to nip this problem is by reducing waste generation at a personal level. Although recycling is a great way to go green, reducing and reusing is even better. So if you’re looking to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, here are 7 ways to start doing so in 2020:

1.Bring Your Own Bottle


Wherever you go, take your own bottle with you. It is important to stay hydrated, but it is also important to take nature into consideration while doing so. Carrying a bottle saves you from reaching out for packaged ones.

2.Carry your Shopping Bags


When you go out shopping, pay attention to those canvas or cotton bags near the billing section. These may be a little costlier than their regular paper bags, but have much more use in the long run. They’re light and foldable and can be easily taken anywhere the next time you go out shopping.

3.Say no to single-use cutlery

Single-use plastic

Next time you order food, avoid taking cutlery from the restaurant. Every time you use restaurant cutlery, you add to single-use plastic that damages the environment. If you’re used to ordering food at work, make it a habit to carry a steel spoon, fork and knife with you. These can be easily washed with tap water and fit comfortably in your bags.

4.Say Hello to Handkerchief


When you wipe your mouth after a meal with single-use tissue papers, ever wonder what happens to them? These end up in the landfill and are extremely difficult to recycle. Imagine the amount of waste we are creating with this seemingly small habit. It’s time to go old-school and carry a clean handkerchief (or two) when you step out. This is a great way to reduce the amount of paper and save the environment.

5.Figure out alternatives

Plastic alternatives

Do your research and find out more about environment-friendly alternatives that you can use in your daily life. From switching to a bamboo toothbrush and steel straws to making your own home-made personal care products, there is so much you can do to reduce and start a zero-waste lifestyle.

6.Use your Kitchen Wastes

Kitchen wastage

More than half of what we carelessly throw into the trash is organic matter, which if composted, can produce rich topsoil for our plants. This is a great reason to segregate our dry waste from wet. It’s time to put your kitchen trash to good use and find ways to make the most of it.

Going zero waste may not be easy, but with little practice, you can go a long way in saving your environment. Be patient with these new habits and before you know it, a zero-waste, planet-friendly life will become your second nature!


Tushar T Darekar
Tushar T Darekar

Very good initiatives….we must need to educate people around us.
More than 98% people ignore the earth and nature.
I started educating people with my website
We need more sites and people like environment warrior..


I am glad i am already practicing them all except the last one, which i am trying to collect info on. My first bioenzyme container is 1.25 month old. Waiting for 3 months to get over before i get the result and i start with many more containers.

Rakshita Ladhad
Rakshita Ladhad

I have always believed in sustainable living, aahinsa etc…

Sunitha chada
Sunitha chada

it gives a good awareness..
And I promise I will be more eco friendly..

Daksha Varma
Daksha Varma

Follow it religiously and bring more awareness..Must for all.
Be aware.
Be responsible.
Thank You.

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