Ways To Reduce Water Wastage While Cooking

Steam your Vegetables

Vegetable steaming

Steaming vegetables is a better option than boiling. It only uses an inch of water, and is generally healthier too, retaining more nutrients. So if you’re someone who likes boiling their vegetables, switch to steaming and save water.

Reuse Cooking Water

cooking water

When you’re rinsing lentils or rice, or boiling pasta or veggies, don’t let the greywater go to waste. Instead of letting it go down the drain, why not use it to water your garden? You’ll be amazed just how much water you save by this small task. small task.

Choose the right Pot Size

Pots and pans
Avoid using big pots and pans unless you really need them. Large vessels tend to require more cooking water than is necessary and lead to needless water loss. Therefore, choose your pots and pans carefully when cooking.
Peel the dirt Away


Vegetable peeling

Do you have the habit of rinsing vegetables like carrots or potatoes with their peels on? It’s time to act and make the change. Next time, peel the vegetables first to remove the dirt from it and rinse after. This helps save more water and cleans off the dirt more effectively.

Change how you Defrost



Frozen foods can be easily defrosted under running water, but imagine the amount of water you’re losing in this practice? Instead, plan ahead and put frozen food in the refrigerator a few hours before you need to use it. Your food will defrost slowly and safely without using water.

Soak your utensils


Avoid the temptation to scrape pots and pans under running water. Soaking your pot will help lift the food stuck on the bottom and save water. You should also refrain from rinsing dirty dishes. Simply scrape away leftover food and use these scraps to start or add to a compost bin.

Use  Tap Aerators

You can also consider installing tap aerators in your kitchen sink. Aerators are small attachments that can be fitted at the end of water taps or inserted inside the spout. They regulate the water flow, thereby drastically reducing the amount of water that comes out from the taps. Using aerators on old taps can cut down water flow from 15 liters per minute to 6 liters per minute. They can be installed on 95% of taps and can save up to 1274 liters of water per month.

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