Five Simple Hacks to Do Waste Management at Home

According to the agriculture ministry, INR 50,000 crores worth of food produced is wasted every year in the country. That's not a small amount. If we cook food judiciously and finish what is cooked, we will be able to prevent food wastage and save money as well. It all begins at home. Also, food is just one of the many wastages we do every day. 

Follow these simple hacks that might help you feel a lot of difference.

1.Buy large bottles of shampoos, dishwashing liquid, & cleaners to reduce plastic waste

A little tweak in your shopping procedures brings immense change. Just purchase your regular elements but in larger quantities. Wondering how this would make a change? 

If you buy small shampoo bottles and replace them every month, a lot of bottle packaging waste gets generated. If you order these essentials online, then even the delivery plastic & boxes get added to the waste. Since these products are essentials and regularly needed, buying larger bottles would save you some money and prevent nature from a lot of packaging dumps. Also, avoid the purchase of single-use sachets of shampoos, conditioners, etc.

2.Donate instead of tossing your old clothes, books, and school uniforms

We toss a lot of materials for varied reasons. This might be due to size issues, usage points, or just that we want to replace it with a new one. Donate the same to someone who can have it handy, and that can be the best reuse technique. You can donate clothes, old books, school uniforms, half-used notebooks, etc.

Love gesture

3.Say good-bye to plastic bags and pick the more durable cloth bags instead

Don’t think of this as an old school technique. Avoiding plastic bags surprisingly gives stunning results and makes you feel fresh. Just replace them with long usable cloth bags to pack your items and tote them anywhere.

4.Replace plastic or paper with metal in your kitchen from cups to glasses

From plates to spoons, cups to glasses, ensure none of them is either plastic or paper. Using metal items in the kitchen is not only healthy but also durable.

You can use copper water bottles instead of plastic water bottles for health benefits. Keeping water overnight in a copper water bottle helps strengthen the digestive system & maintains hormonal balances. If you like to drink lemon water or flavored water, you can go with stainless steel water bottles.

Steel bottle

5.Do not send everything to the dump yard, separate the recyclable items.

Instead of just sending everything to the dump yard, separate the recyclable items. Know the sorting rules of your city and follow accordingly for hassle-free reusable packaging.


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