Cleaning dishes during quarantine? Know these 3 facts about dish wash detergent!

Cleaning dishes during quarantine? Know these 3 facts about dish wash detergent!

With unpredicted outbreak and lockdown, we all are quarantined at home for days. Not a secret, we are focusing on and doing all the house chores ourselves. Cleaning dishes is not a tedious task, but dealing with the dish wash detergent definitely is!

Know these 3 facts about your dish wash detergent that you usually use for cleaning.

#1. The sweet fragrance and color are obtained with an enormous mixture of harmful chemicals.

The sweet fragrance of the fresh fruits and lime, eye-catching colors are seen in dish wash detergents. It is not easy to attain them with general pigments. For grouping such characteristics, a wide range of chemicals is mixed. This mixture of compounds even involves harmful substances like Triclosan, Formaldehyde, phosphates, and disodium EDTA, which disturbs the skin cells. 

#2. They show hazardous effects on humans upon long exposure including weakening of immune system and respiratory ailments

The chemicals used are in minute quantities and are in diluted states to diminish their impact. But the prolonged usage didn’t miss out on the adverse reactions. Some significant concerns include the weakening of the immune system, respiratory ailments, skin irritation/damage, and cancer recurrence.

Studies state that most of the food poison cases count to the pigments of detergent left-over on the dishes. Indeed, this might not be a single transmitter but acts as an active promoter.

#3. A large number of fish and aqua beings lose lives when the detergent mixed water seeps into water bodies

We often notice the leakage from the carrier pipe of the sinks. This leakage generally happens due to the hard reaction of chemicals with water. Now, these chemical water are carried through the seepage into water bodies. Large amounts of fish and water bodies lose their lives and sanity with the harsh detergent chemicals.

The best alternatives to replace these harmful chemicals are available, which performs the same and better actions on cleaning. Nonetheless, they serve the purpose without causing any damage to you as well as the environment.

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