Silver fish

5 Ways To Keep Silverfish Away

Though they aren’t a big threat to your indoor environment or to your health in small numbers, they can damage your belongings over time –especially clothes– and grow into an infestation. They’re also unpleasant to have around the house.

If there’s a silverfish infestation, you can get rid of those with these simple and easy remedies using products found around your house.


Boric Acid can be used to eliminate both silverfish & their eggs. Sprinkle it along the areas where you see signs of silverfish. Avoid using it where your household pets might get into it.


Use spice sachets in your kitchen cabinets as silverfish don't like the smell of spices. (Cloves, Cinnamon work well!)


Use a citrus or lavender spray. Both of these scents are effective in repelling silverfish, and they're completely non-toxic to humans. These sprays work great on closets, drawers, and other bedroom areas.


Sprinkle cedar shavings where they live. Silverfish are repelled by the smell of cedar, so you can keep them away by sprinkling it around areas where they live.


Cucumbers work really well for silverfish, as they are crawling insects. Place the bitter peels of cucumber around trouble areas and replace them often.

These environment friendly and clean alternatives can help keep your homes free of Silverfish!

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