Overflowing sinks - A nightmare of every household!

Oftentimes, it's not until a clog occurs that we start to carefully reconsider everything we pour down the kitchen sink. Besides preventing clogs, proper disposal of some of these items prevent environmental damage to waterways.

Here's a list of things NOT to rinse down the sink -

1. COOKING OIL & GREASE - When you pour grease down the drain it sticks to the inside of your drain pipes, and when grease or oil congeals, it can cause a clog in the pipe.

2. DAIRY PRODUCTS - Pouring dairy products down your drain is terrible for the environment. It takes a lot of oxygen to break down milk and dairy, taking oxygen away from marine life that need it to survive.

3.SAUCES & CONDIMENTS - When poured down the drain, they can block sewer lines and create backups. Backups can lead to basement flooding and sewage overflowing.

4. FOOD REMNANTS - Leftover food when dumped in the sink can stick to the walls and create a clog, or get stuck at a point where the pipes curve.

Avoid these to save your home from turning into a stinky breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Scrape the plates clean, into the trash or compost, before putting them in the sink.

Remember How You Clean matters and just a few precautions while processing food waste can help in keeping your home and our planet clean!

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