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7 cleaning tips for a perfect winter

With the winter season around, we spend most of our time snuggling at home to feel warm. But the house should feel equally cozy and clean for you throughout the cold days. From flipping the sheets to changing the curtains, winter cleaning is essential. Before you pull off your sweaters and mufflers from the closets, have a quick clean around the house to make it winter-ready. 

Here are 7 must winter cleaning tips for a perfect winter home! 

1.Dust the windows, curtains and doors before sealing them off for the winter

Before you seal the windows, clean them properly and make them free from dust, termites and germs. Wash or change the curtains that can sustain for the entire winter. 

2.Fix the dampening walls of the house, if there are any 

Dampening walls are common after the monsoon. Due to the heavy rains and high moisture, the walls are damaged a little and leak at times. Fix them up before you seal off your home. Damp walls remain cold and spread chillness across the house and can cause unpleasant winters. Fix them quickly with a coat of paint! 

3.Clean the hidden germs inside your home 

Germs and bacteria potentially hide in the crevices of remote controls, keypads, gaming boards and door knobs. Check for them all. Clean them before you stay close to them. Use a perfect disinfectant or vinegar-based solution to clean them.

4.Wash all the sheets, cots and blankets for the upcoming cozy days

While staying up all day at home, the most important places are bedrooms, sofa sets and carpets. Of course, that is where we snuggle up. Make them safe before you use them. Wash all the sheets, cots and blankets to ensure they are germ-free and dust-free for your winter home. 

5.Do not miss out on the closets and shelves 

Cleaning out the shelves and closets is daunting, — but it is an important one to do for your winter. Monsoons bring in a lot of moisture and mold, and you must clear them up. Use geranium, basil and mint essential oils for decluttering the molds. 

6.Make your interiors smell fresh and aromatic

During cozy and cold days, the air inside the house becomes heavy and dampening. With closed rooms. Make your carpets and furniture smelling fresh; sprinkle some baking soda fifteen minutes before brushing or vacuuming. 

7.Clear the exterior and interior pipes and gutters for smooth water flow 

Any dust or filled up debris in the pipes will make water flow in the backward direction towards the house. The continuous flow of water around the walls will make it even cooler. Also, clearing them during the winter is a risk note with winter winds. Clean or check the gutters and pipes before the start of the season. 

Make your home safe and clean for the coming winter season. Follow these simple 7 steps to make your house winter-ready and cozy enough!

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