Sweet orange oil

5 Amazing benefits of sweet orange essential oil

Sweet Orange Essential oil, most popularly known to all of us as “Orange oil”, is especially known for its usage in Aromatherapy for Anxiety & Depression. It enhances our mood and is used in medicinal care products. Let’s dig in how beneficial its usage is, 

1.Enhances the skin glow and clears acne

Being citric rich fruit and having high levels of Vitamin-C, when applied on skin enhances the glow and lightens it up by controlling the excess oil secretion. The only measure before applying on skin is, the oil has to be diluted with any other oil. 

2.Does an amazing job with stovetops and kitchen tops

Orange oil surely does magic in your kitchen. The greased oily stains can be easily removed from stovetops and kitchen tops with orange oil when mixed with castile soap foam and water. All thanks to its strong antifungal properties!

3.Contains antioxidants which promotes anti-aging effect

Good Antioxidants in orange oil: protect from free radical damage, prevent aging of your skin and reduce wrinkles on constant usage.

4.Incredibly treats the tainted nails and teeth

The faint yellow coloring of nails and teeth are treated incredibly with minimal usage of once in a week: Soak the nails in diluted oil, apply drops on a toothbrush with toothpaste. And witness the change yourself.

5.Instant pain relief oil especially for knees and joints

Highly useful in bone fractures and when blended with ginger can effectively be used for knee pain when applied to skin and massaged.

Note: DON’T FORGET, excess usage of orange oil within a day might affect digestion and have the chance to lead to nausea, and heartburn. Limit the usage to 7-8 drops!

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