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5 Simple food waste minimization hacks for every kitchen

According to the statistics Indians waste food worth 224 crore rupees each day. In terms of amount, it is as much as the whole United Kingdom consumes on a single day. Although we have alarming numbers with 194 million people going hungry every day, we still have vast amounts of wastage. 

The problem with food wastage not just concerns hunger rates, but also the resources utilized like water and energy while preparing them. Organization, separation, and disposal of this wasted food again require a considerable amount of time, effort, and money. Hence, minimizing this wastage at the household level itself clears the issue to an extent.

Check these 5 simple food waste minimization hacks for every kitchen!

1.Turn the unconsumed fruits and vegetables into lovely ice lollies or popsicles instead of tossing them into the garbage 

Often, we toss away the fruits and vegetables if not consumed for days. Instead, you can grind and turn them into ice lollies. These fresh flavored popsicles are much healthier than the stored ice creams. It is entirely safe and healthy for children as well as older people.

You can even prepare smoothies or juices as a perfect evening health drink with these fruits. Your family would never say no to these even when they reject direct fruits!

2.Create an “eat me soon” section in your refrigerator for overlooked food wastage 

Most of the food wastage happens in our households due to the lack of notice. Yes, with the busy schedules we hold on to, we overlook the best before dates. The bread, dairy, cheese, berries, and dates do not last long. The same goes for sensitive fruits and vegetables like bananas, peaches, tomatoes, and avocados. Hence, separate a specific section and segregate the food which needs to be consumed first. Make your meal plans accordingly.

3.Bruised foods serve the same purpose as any other. Train your mind not to avoid them!

We usually avoid picking that bruised apple or scratched mango from the supermarket. Even if bought, most of them end up in bins instead of our plates. It is because we prioritize and check their appearance instead of the nutritional supplement they provide. Bruised fruits and vegetables serve the same purpose as the other good looking fruits. 

Train your mind and your family not to avoid such foods. You can always peel away or remove the hindered part before consumption.

4.Reuse the organic peels for regrowth, composting, or fragrance purposes in your household

Peels of vegetables and fruits can not be consumed, and we find no purpose in storing them. But, we can use them for some other household goals. The herbs, greens, and fodders can have another chance at life, and you can give them that by planting in your garden. 

The peels can be stored and turned into amusing composts for the yard. Banana peels play an active role in the composting process. The seasonal orange peel has its perks lined as well. Store the skin and dry it to the hot sun. The powder of the dried peel can be used for fragrance as well as skincare.

5.You can freeze almost everything consumable, including seeds, nuts, and herbs.

Although we use refrigerators, we do not use it fully. The myths in the storage of food lead to large amounts of wastage as well. Surprisingly you can freeze 99% of the consumables. The seeds, nuts, and herbs can also be stored to avoid food spoilage. However, it is advised to follow the storing norms for particular vegetables to make them last even longer. 

Although food wastage requires many immediate actions in the system, the simple steps from each household shall create a huge impact as well. Try out the hacks mentioned above for the best utilization of your resources and go with minimal food wastes.

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