Garbage disposal

Best garbage disposal techniques and practices you can follow at home.

“There is no such thing as ‘away.’ When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere.”

Annie Leonard, Proponent of Sustainability

Waste management is as important as any other management procedures we follow in our everyday life. To be more precise, waste management requires more considerable attention than the rest. The things we use and throw away do not vanish but stay within our ecosystem and linger on the same planet.

In such a scenario, proper garbage disposal methods help us in checking the levels of waste being generated. Check out the best garbage disposal techniques and practices that you can follow for your household wastes.

1.Transform the used items into new products by segregating them to recycle 

Used items need not be thrown away all the time. The used containers, cosmetic bottles, plastic bags can be recycled and formed into a different new product. This will minimize the production of new plastic and lessens the amount of waste going into landfills.

Maintain a perfect tracker to segregate your wastes before the disposal!

2.Allow the organic wastes to decompose by microbes for preparing perfect manure for your garden

Throwing away the organic waste is no gain to you or the environment. The unique properties of the natural fills are lost when mixed with non-biodegradable materials. Also, segregating them will require a lot of men and machine power. Hence, treating organic wastes within your home will give beneficial results. 

Select a sunny or shaded spot in your yard to prepare the compost site. Add all the fruit scraps, vegetable wastes, food leftovers into the pit every day. Let the microbes decompose them for days before they entirely decompose into compost.

3.Arranging animal feed will help you in disposing most of your kitchen wastes efficiently 

Having a pet is a great advantage when it comes to waste disposal management. Pets such as rabbits and hamsters will happily feed on the vegetable and fruit scraps. Dogs usually feed on many kinds of food waste, including large meat bones.

However, you must check the diet of your animal before relying on them as a disposal entity. Your pets are sensitive to food, just like you. Be careful while feeding them with the leftovers.

There are other waste disposal techniques like incineration and landfills, which are effective in disposing of large amounts of waste. However, limiting the waste to your household and treating them is more effective. Follow the above techniques to handle at least 50-60 % of waste within your house!

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