Our Story

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Roopa Hariharan

Co-founder, PureCult®

Roopa Hariharan is a champion of sustainable living, quality education and animal welfare. At PureCult®, she leads product development, packaging innovation and marketing. Her zeal to protect our environment from harmful cleaning practices has played a vital role in creating the brand’s eco-friendly value proposition in the household cleaning segment.

Roopa believes that clean living begins at home and has switched to EVs and moved away from diesel and petrol cars. She has also solar powered her house to reduce the carbon footprint from fossil fuels.

For her, conscious living entails preserving the planet's biodiversity and caring for needy and sick animals. Towards this, she has led partnerships between PureCult® and not-for-profits such as Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) and Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS).

Before PureCult®, Roopa started the Tejas Foundation, that provides effective, technology-led, learning solutions to underprivileged children. Since 2011, the foundation has helped students of government schools improve math proficiency, and benefit from digital technologies.

Before she entered the realm of social causes, Roopa worked for a decade as an engineer and software quality specialist in the corporate sector after graduating from REC Trichy, India. Roopa is a pet parent to a 6 year old shihtzu and in her free time, Roopa composes music with her son and loves to read.

She intends to take PureCult®beyond manufacturing clean alternatives to building a community of 'ZeroHeros' who practice and promote zero harm to the environment.

Sumit Anand

Co-founder, PureCult®

Sumit Anand is a serial entrepreneur and a supply chain expert.

At PureCult®, he leads marketing, business development, finance, and supply chain management. His expertise in successfully setting up and scaling start-ups has played a crucial role in establishing PureCult®'s direct-to-consumer (D2C) model. Beyond making PureCult® a household name, Sumit is determined to make the brand a catalyst for a cleaner and greener planet. 

Being an entrepreneur comes naturally to Sumit. He is the founder of Computer Villa that focuses on retail and distribution of IT products. In parallel, he heads Trillium Incorporated, which distributes fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and is also a partner in Suretron Electronics that distributes 'Made in India' televisions. 

As an environmentalist, Sumit is inspired by how every little change towards an eco-friendly lifestyle makes a tangible and positive difference to our environment. In his free time, Sumit loves to unwind with family and friends and enjoys watching classics and new shows with his son. "In Pursuit of Happyness" is his all-time favorite, while a quick weekend trip recharges Sumit—an alumnus of Delhi University—to take on the challenges ahead.