Ingredients we never use

We take pride in calling ourselves the ZeroHeroTM

As much as cleaning matters, how you clean matters!

Toxic and harmful chemicals is a strict no-no in our products. We ensure that the cleaning ingredients are safe and free from harmful chemicals. We believe its important to choose safe ingredients which are powerful in smaller dosages, and product efficacy is achieved with minimum ingredients. Hence, we believe it is important to combine safe ingredients which nature and science have to offer. Many labs around the world are working to create non toxic clean ingredients which are safe for the environment and we believe in leveraging this opportunity. We do not use any harmful chemicals and artificial colour or fragrance in our products. Our products are made with safe ingredients and infused with essential oils to combine cleaning properties with the properties of the essential oils which include cleaning and disinfecting.

Zero Sulphates, Zero Phosphates, Zero Bleach, Zero Artificial Colour, Zero Artificial Fragrance, Zero Harmful Acids, Zero animal testing…..… and the list goes on. Come join us and be a ZeroHeroTM.