About Us


It’s no secret that we live in an ecosystem that is hurting from issues such as rocketing carbon emissions, mountains of non-biodegradable plastic waste, and the extreme pollution of the one resource that is paramount to sustaining life – Water! We, as a community, can no longer afford to think of these as far away problems.

Bangalore – the city we are based in – is known around the world as an IT hub. Closer home, we are witnessing it turning into a toxin dump. Bangalore’s largest water body – the Bellandur Lake – often froths so high with waste that its smelly, toxin-laden foam flies over to residential areas around. On several occasions, we have witnessed the lake on fire literally!! As aware Bangaloreans, this has made us pause, think, and get proactive.

As an individual bearing witness to this environmental destruction, I decided to start making changes beginning with my home. I solar powered my house. Sold my existing diesel car and switched to electric alternatives. (My commitment to #CleanAirMatters).

Our home cleaning products are one of the contributors to water pollution. Our homes may become clean but these products lead to the earth becoming dirty! Finding alternatives wasn’t difficult but finding effective alternatives which work well was hard. The options available in US and Europe were not available here and wouldn’t be cost effective for our markets. I decided to do something about it myself, in the hope that several of you have the same frustration that I had and would support if clean products were made available! I did a lot of research and with help from experts and multiple trials later, PureCultTM was born and we now have a whole range of product offerings. (My commitment to #CleanWaterMatters).

As much as cleaning matters, how you clean matters! Hence each ingredient going into our products are verified to make sure they have no harmful impact on the environment, humans and animals alike. We take pride in calling ourselves the ZeroHeroTM.

So now in addition to keeping our homes - which we share with our families, spotlessly clean, we can keep our home - planet Earth which we share with all the beautiful flora and fauna, clean as well. 

As a brand, PureCultTM is proud to support the Otter conservation program conducted by the Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS). #WildLifeMatters.

Roopa Hariharan (A fellow ZeroHeroTM)