Eco-friendly PureCult Multi-Use Fabric Refresher | Fresh Green Tea | 500 ml

MRP: Rs. 649.00

Inclusive of all taxes.
Marketed by: GreenPledge Products Pvt Ltd

PureCult Multi-Use Fabric Refresher - a single product with encapsulated long lasting fragrance with multiple uses! Hit Refresh and this product will freshen up your home!
Freshen up your curtains, couches, carpets, rugs, mattresses, duvets, dhurries and any hard to wash fabrics.
Worn but not to be washed yet clothes? Many a times your clothes are not dirty and just need to be refreshed before reuse. Spray and dry and reuse!
Add it while ironing your clothes.
Spray it after your clothes are washed before drying.
Smelly socks no time to wash? Spray and use!
Gym wear to be reused? Spray and refresh them for use again!
Your car smells funny? Get rid of the mystery smells in your car by spraying the refresher on your floor mats and refresh your car!

Powered by encapsulated fragrances, essential oils and anti bacterial and anti-fungal agents this product has zero alcohol, Zero Phthalates, Zero Benzene, Zero Triclosan. Purecult sure does know How To Take Care Of Your Cleaning Needs!

Product: This bottle contains 500ml of concentrated, high efficiency Multi-Use Fabric Refresher. This product is “Made in India” and proudly Indian owned

How to use : Shake well before use. Turn the nozzle to spray or stream position and spray a fine mist onto dry textiles, such as clothes, curtains, cushions or bedding, for a quick freshen up in between washes. DO NOT USE on leather, wool, suede and fabrics which stain. Do a patch test to check for use case. 

Benefits 1: Freshens your garments and household fabrics quickly

Benefits 2: Can also be used as car freshener

Benefits 3: Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal agents tested for efficacy

Benefits 4: Encapsulated long lasting fragrance

Benefits 5: Natural Essential oils added 

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